Sheila Dikshit : Women of Substance ”The Sheila’s Regime and the Transforming Delhi ” By : Himadrish Suwan

“Our work speaks for itself. When people look around, they can see the good work I have done in Delhi” ~Sheila Dikshit

The “15 years” of the Congress rule in Delhi was “HISTORIC” .  A teacher before she plunged into politics by default , the longest serving woman chief minister and the women of substance .  In the last 15 years the entire look of the capital has changed. Delhi is now counted in the category of one of the best cities in the world. Delhi is a never resting city of the world with diversity of languages, ethnicities, culture, and heritage and most importantly the tourist attraction. It is called the city of ranges.  Especially the last 15 years, Delhi has transformed completely.

Dikshit’s  development oriented & statesman like approach is the reason what is Delhi today. Ever since Sheila Dixit  became the Chief Minister, the state of Delhi witnessed tremendous development in varied fields. Be it sprawling bridges, well-connected Metro line or the stupendous performance in the recently over Commonwealth Games, the city has transformed into a global hub under the wise leadership of the iron lady. The metro rail has been a unique achievement of the Shiela Dikshit government. It’s  a fact that the idea  and the concept of metro  was of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA  government .However the way it was carried forward by the Sheila Dikshit government and administration once again attests to the CM’s foresight. The fact is that she understood that metro is the need of the hour for Delhi and at present almost the whole of the Delhi is well connected by metro rail .

Delhi’s transformation and growth is visible be it ‘World Class’ Infrastructure or  Strong  State Economy. (Airport, Highways  & Roads, Economic Growth exceeding  10% p.a. for last 5 years), Efficiently Managed State budgets  (Revenue Surplus). Delhi had the best managed fiscal across all states with Highest Per-capita  Income in the Country, Significant Improvement in Health, Water & Sanitation. Special Focus on Girl Child & Education, Substantial Improvement in Healthcare  (Doubled Hospitals to 38 and 5x increase in  Ambulances, Created Significant Power Capacities  (Peak Capacity doubled to 5600MW with  24×7 Power supply).

The historic years of good governance by the Sheila government will always be part of the history as government may come and go but the Sheila Dikshit’s 15 years of good governance will always be alive. Women of substance lost the battle not because of the local issue’s but because of the national issues and the parties national image. The mood at the Delhi Congress office and lack of visible support from the party men was an indication that the party was not expecting a fourth term for  Dikshit. In all fairness, it is difficult for any party to overcome anti-incumbency of three terms, but what made the task even tougher was that the party was facing double anti-incumbency owing to the nearly 10 years of UPA government. Undoubtedly, Delhi has transformed itself into a global hub under the leadership of the iron lady.


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