Children’s Education

By : Himadrish Suwan

The Government of India Flagship Programme and Much hyped the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which provides free Education for the age group of 6-14 years is actually a programme just on stamp papers, the reality is totally different. I am sure such reforms with 0 implementation is a actually not increasing the Real GDP but harming the growth rate.

The foreword of all NCERT book carries the objectives of the much hyped National Curriculum Framework, 2005. “(the NCF) recommends that children’s life at school must be linked to their life outside school. The principle marks a departure from the legacy of bookish learning which continues to shape our system and causes a gap between the school, home and community.Regardless of whatever the NCF states but what has it really achieved in 67 years is a matter of serious concern?

In India, even after completing four years of school, 90% of children from poorer households remain illiterate and this also holds true for around 30% of kids from poorer homes despite five to six years of schooling says Unesco’s. Now who should be responsible for Poor state education in India which threatens the futures of millions of children. Yes it is the administration who is to be blamed for building an illiterate India. Absent teachers, lack of incentives and low standards force Indians, rich and poor clubs and create education as a challenge in India. It’s a matter of Shame that even after 67 years we cant provide good education to our children.

I was shocked when I visited a school  a District of Patna,Bihar & same news was endorsed by the local news channels. The School first of all didn’t had a basic room structure,drinking water facility,basic infrastructure and above all i was shocked by the teaching & knowledge of the teacher. If this  teaching continues i am sure India will soon be so called ”Education Deficit”..The Teacher Didn’t even knew the who is the Prime Minister of India, Capital of Bihar ,Capital of India or spelling of Apple even of as simple as Sunday being an English teacher. Sunday was termed by her as ”Sande” .Well , if this education continues & un-till unless the administration change the mindset, keep corruption aside nothing could be improved to a great extent.It is the duty of the admin to act as a ”WatchDog” not as ”DeadDog”.This is the problem with we Indian we take everything lightly & due to this we after 67 years still not a super power.

With respect to India the Unesco report said while the richest young women have already achieved universal literacy, the poorest are projected to do so only by 2080.Hence it’s a matter of urgent  introspection. As one said ”Children are the Backbone of India” !! 









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