Congress Tainted Gift to Our Tainted Neta’s

Congress Tainted Gift to Our Tainted Neta’s

Are Neta’s Above “LAW” ??

By: Himadrish   Suwan

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”                                                                                                                                         — –Jonathan Swift

—We see poor people being hunted down and punished for minor infringements , while the rich can get away with anything. Is this the difference between “Neta Vs Aam Aadmi”

Is this what are socialists , leaders, revolutionists ,fighters thought of India -Democracy run by corrupt neta’s and babus ?Keeping true principle on side the government gave our beloved tainted netas Dussehra gift which will  restraint them from cancellation of there puffed seats in the parliament & assemblies. The Apex Court verdict had been considered a milestone in checking the criminalization of Indian politics but politicians across the board were keen to see it  scuttled and eroded .  At present  as many as 163 MPs in the Lok Sabha nearly a third of the total strength face criminal charges, though none have been convicted. This is democracy where nation is ruled my criminals. That’s the big reason why are nation in such a dirty condition.The condition is not due to any political party but due to its leadership paralysis.

The quality of India’s politicians, many argue, has declined drastically, as in many parts of the world. Most of them seem to be out of sync with modern day realities  expectations have fallen so ridiculously low that an iPad carrying politician is described by the media as a modern one.

Most are also seen as greedy, corrupt and disinterested in serious reform. The increasing number of politicians with criminal records and the brazen use of money to buy party tickets and bribe voters erodes India’s ailing democratic process.

The real face of our Indian Politicians irrespective of the different political parties under the multi party system comes clear when we see instances like the turning  of the decision of overturning the apex court order . We can easily see if any bill is to be passed in a parliament we carry on discussions for days  carrying out its pros & cons .But when the matter come to shield our netas from loosing seats  all political parties irrespective of party line & ideology they mutually turn the decision. Which directly means we unite in saving corrupts in parliament and we divide when a bill is in public interest  . A big question rises where is the major political parties slogan   the BJP’s “Party with the difference” –This tagline surely has got a black mark as what the Congress did ; you also did the same. So,What’s the difference between BJP & Congress. Congress which simply denotes “Aam Aadmi Ke Badhte Kadam” –which means for aam aadmi but by overturning  this decision of Apex court simply means we can do anything to save our netas from loosing seats. Although the BJP earlier supported the amendment but now taken an overturn in lieu to impress voters and justify the tagline “Party with a difference” a strong election pace.  

Is this true democratic function where an apex court order can be overturned just in 12 hours??The Apex Court consists of highly judge mental luminaries which is thus formed by their rigorous practice & contribution to the judicial system which is one of the most crucial system in our democratic system.  Why Can’t our political parties have some respect towards the Judiciary especially to the Supreme Court of India. Whether the supreme court passes orders for convicted MP’s or Political parties to come  under the Ambit of RTI Act ,the government has always  seen judiciary with a low sense which thus simply denotes How much trust & respect the government have on judiciary? I think the government has now become anti-judiciary after the Apex Court intervention in  CBI matter which termed CBI as a “caged -parrot”. After this remark by the Honorable Court ; across every frontier & phase the government is hailing blacking remarks whether from its allies or its opposition and more than that of the Common Man-“Aam Aadmi”.

The Supreme Court made the ruling “A lawmaker convicted and punished for two years and above would stand disqualified immediately”  It had also barred  “a person in judicial or police custody from contesting elections”.But  the government as usual by a  lacking remark said the act would “hamper” the smooth working of parties and might be “misused” by rivals. What “hamper” does the government wants criminals to represent common man and make the constituency criminalized. Its a matter of shame for the country aswell as its people. Only in India, Lawmakers and lawkeepers think they are above the law. Respecting law and order is for the aam aadmi, is their belief. 

While the BJP taking a  sudden U-TURN on the ordinance to extract youth vote bank. I think this Vote Bank of politics will not help BJP.They must remember the line” Ye public hai sab jaanti hai”.Neither the BJP  nor the Congress is different they are division of the same plate. However now BJP opposes the ordinance and says  “We are against the contents of the Ordinance, as  it is unconstitutional” Says BJP leader Smt.Sushma Swaraj. They must explain why they had the same congress voice earlier?

The developing culture of criminalization of politics & the phenomenon of winning elections on gun point got the set back when a bench comprising of Honorable Justice A.K Patnaik & Justice S.J Mukhopadhya delivered two landmark judgment paving for the society to elect the law makers amongst non law breakers.Whereas the government and all government allies are in one voice, united standing against the judgment as they simply believe that their members are men of trust without any criminal background & image. They are calling the judgment as “Erosion of Supremacy” of Parliament by the Apex Court(The upholder of fair justice & Rights)

Law can be interpreted differently depending on how constitutional morality is invoked. As such the ruling of Apex Court  both on ground of Law & Constitution   is perfectly justified and the judgment stand strong  & weight full.The Apex Court order may have become a burden for the government and they may find it unconstitutional or against their nature. But the government must not disgrace or lower the value of supreme court. It is totally a “condemn of court” whether there is order on CBI,Conviction or RTI the government always had a mentality to surpress the order of Apex Court which is thus a “contempt of court” and much “unconstitutional”.

Why can’t we have a Apex Court order binding on our government / legislators, Babus & Netas ???Why can’t we amend our constitution and make judiciary totally independent and may there decision be strictly binding without chance of alteration and over turning options except with the power to the President??As we can see the government mentality as well as thought, we think the parliament has more become a place of Criminals based structure rather than the system of fair and just structure. Political parties are themselves to blame for having brought about the present situation. Why  should the criminals get tickets to facilitate their entry into Parliament and State legislatures. The reality  is that criminals today are present in our legislative bodies in huge  numbers exercising their hard influence on government  policies formation, decision making, and governance in various parts of the nation.

The Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) has come out with figures which are staggering and a matter of shame for country. By the records of the Election Commission, the ADR says 162 out of 545 Lok Sabha MPs and 1,258 out of 4,032 sitting MLAs have declared that there are serious criminal cases pending against them. The statistics show that political parties, shockingly gave and continue to give  tickets to 74 to 75 % of candidates with criminal records, for a second time, despite having information on their criminal background from a previous election , because in our political system the “greater criminalized background greater chance of winning”. So Ironical ,god save India.

It is clearly evident that If we have criminals in Parliament, then we will have criminals on the street , If  reforms that will evoke the police force to serve citizens rather than our beloved politicians, have still not been implemented from years, despite repeated rulings by the Apex Court since 2006, then the citizen has no hope left with him rather to continue his living as before, If the law-maker is a law-breaker, and makes laws to protect himself, then the citizen has no protection he will always suffer as he is suffering from decades due our dabang netas & babus. So, a question rises now as the government is reluctant to do something for the common man as they are more interested in surpressing the voice of judiciary and inducing criminals in politics.

We have almost 80 million Indians on Facebook, 22 million on Twitter and 20 million on LinkedIn and 10 million  on other networks, so We Have a Voice. So,We have the means of effortlessly  reaching  leaders of  the major political parties, each of whom sees social media as an important tool of communicating with us whether tweeting their views or posting pictures on facebook , other networks.So, all Indians must unite and use social media a medium to reach ears of our dirty politician that We do not want criminals in Parliament , rather we want constituencies vacant  so the Apex court order must be upheld and ordinace must not get clear assent/support.

A big question rises that Why in a hurry the government planned to get an ordinance does  the reason lie in the fact that in coming days RJD supremo and UPA major allie(RJD) chief Shri.Lalu Prasad Yadav getting sentence from Supreme Court of India in the lieu of his involvement in Fodder Scam aswell as of Congress Senior Leader Rashid Masood who is also hoping for his sentence next week. Is this Congress set strategy to save there tainted netas.

Where is India going-criminals leading nation, value of judiciary getting reduced by government actions & at last common man the sufferer .A big question rises are “Neta’s above Law” ??? God Save India. “India Needs Change” …….


“You must be the change you , want to see in the world”   —-Mahatma Gandhi(Bapu)


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