South Delhi Traffic Woes

South Delhi Traffic Woes

I am Himadrish Suwan  fighting for the smoothness of traffic on the IGNOU Road in south Delhi. I have written numerous letters to the Delhi Traffic Police, Additional Commissioner  Shri Anil Shukla , IPS and the Traffic Inspector South Zone.  I appreciate the response of the Delhi Traffic Police, especially the Traffic Inspector who addressed the problem personally.  I had written the below mentioned letter to Shri. Anil Shukla, which was also forwarded to Traffic Inspector .


It gives me a platform to share with you, a problem of urgent public importance.  We have been suffering from traffic issues on IGNOU Road in South Delhi for the  past many years,  but there has been no alternative yet. Whenever we travel during the day, especially near the school and during office hours, the situation becomes worsen. We have to wait for long hours and it is not that we are suffering this problem now, but from many years. Sir, now people of Paryavaran complex are demanding for a solution which will benefit the entire society. There are always huge traffic jams  and we think if any ambulance has to pass through this lane, how will it pass the stretch? unfortunately the patient will Die. Due to long jams, some emergency services like ambulance,  fire services, PCR are all affected and hence it is an matter of urgent public importance.  The Road the people of Paryavaran complex , Sainik Farm , near sarai get gridlocked with traffic. The IGNOU Road is the  main road which connects the entrance of Paryavaran complex(Pin Code:110030). What if someone gets a health complication like a heart attack or any emergency situtaion, the victim will have no choice to be saved in case of a heart attack as there is a huge traffic jams and in case of emergency, every minute matters.


Sir,I emphasize that it is a matter of urgent public importance. In order to curb this menace, i have mentioned some suggestions below to curb the urgent problems:


1)Stretch the road little more so that width of the road increases, which will help in smooth flow of vehicles.


2)Some times manhole are kept open which hinders the process of flow, they should instead remain closed.


3)At the peak hours provide, allow police barricading which divides the road and will therefore reduce the chances of accidents and jams.


4) It is often seen that people enter wrong way , they form 3 lanes instead of two and by this the situation becomes more worse for hours. A traffic police personnel should be kept there to handle such situations.


5)It is often seen, that due to large trucks long traffic jams occur and to curb this problem at the rush hour, there can be an no entry for trucks and heavy vehicles.


Sir, as residents of Paryavaran Complex has no other alternative road to enter the area and  I request you to kindly look into the matter.


I hope for our problems will be looked at and that there will be some positive results as these traffic jams are  responsible for many losses from years.


I Look forward for your esteemed support and cooperation.


I  have also filed an RTI (Attached as an image with this report)  regarding the same . Below is the transcription of the same:


I seek the following information under the RTI Act,2005-:


1. Why no step has been taken to solve the problem of the decade old long traffic?


2. We the residents of Paryavaran Complex are suffering this problem from last many years.But why till now no alternative or steps have been taken to curb this problem?


3. Due to long traffics, emergency services are affected. Who will be responsible for any losses occurring due to it?


4. A case was reported in our locality that a women died as the ambulance reached late as the ambulance got struck in heavy traffic. So can’t some steps be taken to curb this menace & save one’s life?


5. The problem could be curbed by making  3-4 policemen available mainly at the peak hours(school & office timings).This will reduce help to a great extent?


6. As the situation is very poor.Can we expect an assurance from you that very soon an alternative will be found or my suggestions as mentioned is taken into consideration.As it is a matter of “Urgent Public Importance”?


I received the RTI acknowledgement (attached) letter which informed me that a time bound reply will be provided soon.


By the Help of Traffic Inspector (South) he has now employed 2 Traffic Police Men ,Placed Cones in the roads,Started visiting the area which were some of my suggestion to curb this problem.


The Inspector has also invited me to visit his office and  see the plan to curb this decade old problem of traffic on IGNOU Road.


Hope more people come forward and the situation get better, so that we can make sure that we can save people in emergency situations.




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