CJ raises his voice to improve conditions on Ranchi Rajdhani trains

CJ raises his voice to improve conditions on Ranchi Rajdhani trains

I am Himadrish Suwan, currently fighting for the New LHB Coaches in Ranchi Rajdhani Train. Rajdhani, owing to its comfort, is preferred as the best rail network & one of the pride of India. But when we see the situation of the New Delhi to Ranchi Rajdhani (the best network, which connects New Delhi to Ranchi & Ranchi to New Delhi) we can surely compare it with the ordinary bogie of a general express train. I have written letters to Minister of Railways (then, Shri.Pawan Bansal), Chairman Railway Board (Vinay Mittal) & other officials. But the reply I got was unsatisfactory. I received a response which was not up to my expectations.  I got a call from the Executive Director Coaching, Indian Railways, saying  that the New LHB coaches will be replaced shortly as it is in their top priority.  But God knows when the ICF coaches will get replaced by LHB coaches.


Every Rajdhani from East to west from North to South have the New LHB coaches except for 4 Rajdhanis, of which one is the Ranchi Rajdhani. The interiors of Ranchi Rajdhani are in a critical situation: door closer not working, washroom in shabby condition with no water at times, A/C not effective, food supplied very poor.  For the food supply I wrote a letter and got the reply that the Caterer has been warned & if it happens again we will take strict action.


The people of Jharkhand are also people and if they are spending Rs.1700(approx) in a 3 A/C  we want some facilities as it is a matter of urgent importance. Recently I travelled in SDAH rajdhani and the comparison was drastic. The best part was coaches. It had the new LHB coaches, the washrooms were in the best condition, the seats had more than comfort. West Bengal has two Rajdhani’s & many Indian states have more than one Rajdhani or have a stoppage at least. The people of Jharkhand are not demanding another Rajdhani, but just an change of coaches to the new LHB coaches.


We are suffering from this problem for many years (the coaches are 20 years old) and when we see Ranchi Rajdhani in comparison to any Rajdhani of nearby cities like Patna, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata or any other Rajdhani we ask why our Rajdhani is like this.


The advantage of the LHB coaches are as follows:


-The Linke Holfmann Bush or LHB coaches, which are based on a Based on new German technology, are anti-telescopic and do not turn over in the event of any derailment or collision.

-The improved suspension system of LHB coaches ensures more riding comforts for the passengers.

-The LHB coaches are fitted with microprocessor controlled high capacity air conditioning system, which gives passengers better comforts during summer and winter season.

– coaches have capacity to accommodate about 72 passengers in each AC-3 coach as against 64 passengers in other AC-3 conventional coaches. Similarly, the number of berths is more in LHB AC-2 and AC-1 coaches.

-The disc brake system of LHB coaches is superior to the conventionally used thread brake system.

-Besides, the Fiat technology used in LHB coaches is both heat and cold resistant.

-The new technology consumes less energy while creating heat and cooling effect in these new coaches.

-The controlled discharge toilet system (CDTS) in LHB coaches is an added advantage with them.

-The windows are wider and each coach has a pantry provision.

– LHB coaches are superior to conventional coaches and could run at the maximum speed of 160 to 200 kmph


When we see the above features in the LHB coaches, we think our State is being discriminated against as we have none of the above facilities, only the name “Rajdhani.”


In month of May 2012 an news was published in Jharkhand in all newspapers like telegraph etc. that the new LHB coaches will be placed in Ranchi Rajdhani. (The story).  But still it’s 1 year and no action has been taken.


I have filed an RTI with the Railway Board for which I have not got reply in the stipulated time so now I am doing 1st Appeal for the same. My RTI:


I am filing an RTI for change of decade old coaches of Ranchi Rajdhani


I seek the following information under the Right To Information Act , 2005:


1.Why in Ranchi Rajdhani the new LHB coaches which has been introduced in almost every Rajdhani are not being introduced?

2.The LHB coaches are anti-telescopic & do not turn over in the even of any derailment or collision. So don’t you think Rajdhani being Pride of India Safety of the passengers in Ranchi Rajdhani is a big Question?

3.If the Ranchi Rajdhani continues with 20 years old coaches & if any derailment or collision happens, who will be responsible?

4.The coaches in LHB have 72 seats in 3 A/C coach.It is often seen that tickets are in Waiting List in Ranchi Rajdhani (as it is the best network for Jharkhand) and the present coaches have only 64 seats in an 3A/C coach.Thus If LHB coaches are introduced it will increase the seats in the Rajdhani. This will curb the W/L problem to a great extent?

5.The Ranchi Rajdhani has 20 years old coaches, but its nearby states have the New LHB Rajdhanis (eg: Patna, Bhubaneswar).So don’t you think Jharkhand, the state full of resources, is being discriminated against?


6. Due to the old coaches the interiors of Ranchi Rajdhani are awful.  The situation of Ranchi Rajdhani is very poor compared to other Rajdhanis. Until the LHB coaches are introduced, can’t some steps be taken to restore interiors?


7. As the situation of Ranchi Rajdhani is very poor can we expect an assurance from you that the new LHB coaches will be put in shortly?


Just sending letters or giving a call & saying it will be done will not work. The time has arrived “Not to think but to Act”




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