Rape:Can India be Rape Free?




By: Himadrish Suwan


The nation has been shamed again, this time over the savage rape and assault of a five-year-old girl child in East Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area. The girl, a resident of east Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar, was abducted by Manoj, a labourer, who lived on the ground floor of the same house in the working class neighbourhood. He kept her hostage for two days without food and water and subjected her to brutal repeated rape. 
She was rescued when her family members heard her screams.The accused had locked the door from outside and fled, thinking that she had died. 
While the accused has been arrested, the nation is demanding answers from the political class as to when women and children be safe in India.Gang Rape case in delhi outrays the black environment same which we saw in the December,2012. Is in INDIA  “S” silent in “SHE”?In India we have a mixed defferentiable women stand one side we see women as President of India,Chairpersons,Cheifs,Bureaucats,politicians but one side we also have the black covered face of India where women are subjected to brutal rapes/gangrapes & often stalked,molested in day to day life.After 16 December unforgettable incident under the Justice Verma Comission headed by Shri.J.S Verma a panel was set up to ammend the criminal procedure with the key that it would be an detterant to such heinous crimes which is totally irreperable loss to the parents,teacher & the society has been failed to a great extent .The continous rise in rape cases arises a crucial question Is India really Shinning? Delhi has been voted as the most unsafe metro city in the country by women travelling alone for leisure, business or both, a recent survey has found. Mumbai was rated as the safest metropolitan city by a majority of respondents (34%), while Ahmedabad and Bangalore were voted second with 12% votes each. “Due to the recent spate of crime against women, the national capital has gained notoriety with 84% women claiming it to be the most unsafe metro,” the solo women traveller survey 2013 conducted by travel portal said. It also brought to light the disturbing fact that 94% of female respondents worry about their safety, always or at least sometimes, when they travel alone in India but not when they travel to international destinations. Only 6% women said they worry when they travel abroad alone but not in India while 24% respondents said they worry when they travel in India. Despite the fear and worry, only 33% women said they carry any item for self defence (like a taser, or pepper spray) when travelling to a new or unfamiliar city. Among women who said they travel alone on work, 37% women said they don’t mind travelling alone but worry about their safety. The survey was conducted among working women — a number of self employed, as well as homemakers. The issue that we should pay heed to, now of all times, is that we haven’t at all evolved from the prior periods of inanity and doltishness. Today, when a girl is raped, there is a section of society that jeers, . Remarks like ‘one cannot clap with a single hand’, ‘girls shouldn’t roam around at late’, ‘revealing clothes’, ‘girls shouldn’t cross boundaries’ have been so common that such clichés trigger a wave of loathe against the ones citing them. Since when have the victims become the perpetrators? The underlying essence that I want to fetch to the surface is that, such a mentality, that still happens to prevail up to a scale beyond reckoning, is itself responsible for the Delhi rape case. People who harbor such a mentality don’t have even an iota of the notion as to what note they deliberately/inadvertently are promulgating. These are the people because of whom the perpetrators of the Delhi gang rape case would have found it so very easy to uncover an excuse to commit rape on the girl in the bus. The criminals, today, have grown so fearless that they even do not refrain from killing policemen, needless to say the women could be their soft targets. Figures released in January 2011 by the Delhi Police reveal that a woman is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the Capital. Shockingly, the majority of the attackers are below 25 years. In the year 2009 in Delhi alone, there were 459 cases of reported rapes and 489 in 2010. Factor in those cases that go unreported (or are deliberately not registered by the police) and you get the picture. The cases of molestation had gone up from 528 in 2009 to 585 in 2010 and needless to say that a tremendous majority of the molestation cases are either not reported or not properly acknowledged.

The crime-against-women graph in country (and Delhi) has thus been on a steady increase. The law and order of our country has failed glumly to both, take cognizance of the issues and to make attempts to address them. All the three wings have been defunct – be it the legislative, the executive or the judiciary. Sections 375, 376, 354 and 509 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) deal with the rape offences and provisions are there in them in as broad a manner as possible to avoid instances of the cases of rapes (or other sexual assaults and harassments) going uncovered. The number of year terms a rapist faces, however, has been a matter of raging debate in the recent past. They spotted the child playing there and bought a chocolate to lure her into Manoj’s room, according to the police. They then took turns raping her. The police say that Manoj asked Pradeep to strangle the girl. Manoj reportedly waited outside while Pradeep went into the room to kill her. Is this shinning india where a girl of 5 years is lure with chocolate & then is subjected to gangrape.Such an heinous crime occurred in delhi but still we have not learnt from our mistake another in just a flap of time two to three news reported of rape in the country just a minutes after the brutal rape ocured in national capital. Untill the society mindset toward the women are not changed and women are not seen with due respect of a clear eyes nothing can be changes , the society will continue to be the same then a day will come when the country will be declared ”The Rape Country”. “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.”India should must have a vison to make 100% literate India because of Poverty , Illiteracy ,lack of basic amenities, lack of resources, information these heinous crimes are reported more & more. Administration should not be blamed for every such incident it is the black people who see women not as “Devi” but like a “Toy” who indulge in such ireperable crimes.The government or the administration can’t provide a police with every women or in a groups It is totally not humanely possible,so if we want a Rape free society the people mindset should be changed & respect should rise for women. Having another gang rape occurred in the city there is harsh force on the Police commissioner & the Home minister to resign by the protesters as well as the opposition. The shock over gruesome rape and brutality of a five-year-old girl with members cutting across party lines pressing for stern action, including death penalty, to deal with such crimes even if it needs a relook at the new anti-rape law. BJP leader Maya Singh referring to the latest rape incident in East Delhi and said the accused should be given “immediate death penalty” without going through a lengthy court trial. “It is proved that the person has done it (crime). Still, a case will be registered and tried in court. It is a lengthy process. We should immediately award him death penalty. Such people should be hanged,.” Mayawati (BSP) stressed that there is a need to “rise above party politics” to curb rising rape incidents, while seeking police reforms and time-abound action against culprit. “In other cities also, atrocities on women are increasing. We should rise above party politics to stop this crime,” Prabha Thakur (Cong) demanded that the accused should be hanged and an all-party meeting called on this issue. “Why such people are not hanged? There should be a time limit of one month….,” she said and sought a stronger law. She also took a dig at BJP saying, “In Madhya Pradesh, criminals are not caught. In Delhi, at least, they are caught.”Moreover the opposition, activist demanded for the Death penalty for the Rapist seeing the pros & cons of death penalty below ,Is the  death penalty the only way….?



v It will create a set of fear in the mind of the rapists , Thus will act as a detterant.

v If death penalty is imposed , the rapists after raping the victim will kill her as they know at last they have to be hanged.

v People who decide to commit such a bad act of rape should be able to stand trial for the death penalty. I do not think that rapists can be rehabilitated, and that those who commit rape should be able to stand trial for the death penalty.This would create a fear.

v Rape is an immoral thing that I can not even fathom how someone can do that to another living being, however I do not believe in the death penalty. I believe Rapists should be behind bars for life, and not be given good behavior, or an easy time, because their victims will live with this for their entire life.

v Making rape punishable by death will deter rapists; it will discourage them to escalate from such heinous crimes.

v Making rape punishable by death won’t deter rapists; it will encourage them to escalate to murder.


If there has been a silver lining to this horrendous case, it has been the enormous outcry from Indian society. What started as student-led protests in New Delhi has grown to encompass Indians from all walks of life and from the whole political spectrum. Tens of thousands have taken to the streets with the clear message that something has to change, and that women should no longer have to live in fear. The real question here isn’t whether the perpetrators of this crime will be punished, but whether this horrific event, which seems to have struck a cord with so many, will be the wake up call needed to spark serious change in India. “Now its not time to Think but Act”.We must recall the lines of Gurudev Tagore “Every great people holds its history so valuable because…it contains not mere memories,but hope,and therefor the image of the future.”The Past of India has been glorious so must be its future…….



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