By: Himadrish Suwan

How long did it take six men to build a wall if three of them took a week? I recall that we spent almost as much time on this problem as the men spent on the wall.The Indian Constiution  gurantees equality to all states but when we see the scenario of the state JHARKHAND it gives rise to many Questions. The state of Jharkhand became a functioning reality on 15 November 2000 after almost half a century of people’s movements around Jharkhandi identity, which disadvantaged societal groups articulated to augment political resources and influence the policy process in their favour. The Jharkhandi identity and the demand for autonomy was not premised solely on the uniqueness of its tribal cultural heritage but was essentially a fallout of the failure of development policy to intervene in socio-economic conditions of the adivasis and non-adivasis in the region. The dynamics of resources and the politics of development still influence the socio-economic structures in Jharkhand, which was carved out of the relatively ‘backward’ southern part of Bihar. According to the 1991 census, the state has a population of over 20 million out of which 28% is tribal while 12% of the people belong to scheduled castes. Jharkhand has 24 districts, 260 blocks and 32,620 villages out of which only 45% are electrified while only 8,484 are connected by roads. Jharkhand is the leading producer of mineral wealth in the country after Chattisgarh state, endowed as it is with vast variety of minerals like iron ore, coal, copper ore, mica, bauxite, graphite, limestone, and uranium. Jharkhand is also known for its vast forest resources.The state is discriminated Politically,Socially,Economically(P.S.E) in every phase.The unstability of the government , lot of political interference the situation has come to a critical juncture.A newly formed state and having Eight governments in 12 years in Jharkhand is a real worry of people,investors and the country.Few months back the BJP-JMM led government came to an end just due to an conflict for the chief minister  seat the unstability of the government is a serious threat for the state.In the Regime of president rule Jharkhand’s development rate has gone down to a great extent .We can see on a day to day example of how the state is being discriminated BJP chief Rajnath’s Singh new team for 2014 general elections were announced the culprits,guilty were inducted & the weight  so called India’s future P.M Narendra Modi voice was heard. Members were elected from different states but not from the state of Jharkhand It is not that BJP doesn’t have a good leadership in Jharkhand the Ex. C.M Arjun Munda & Decade experienced Yashwant Sinha have huge capabilities than many others who have been inducted in Rajnath’s Singh new team.By this we can interpret how the state is being discriminated at a political level too.Months back we had the UPA cabinet reshuffle Coal-Gate found guilty  & the then Union Tourism Minister Shri.Subodh Kant Sahay was forced to resign & after his resignation the name muttering in the news was of the Jharkhand Congress chief Pradeep Kr. Balmuchu who would likely to be given the post in the union cabinet .But,unfortunately how the list changed at the last  & at the oath ceremony no single face from Jharkhand was elected to the Union cabinet.We have union ministers from mostly every state who represent that state  but no single from the State of Birsa The ”Jharkhand” was inducted .Why the state is being discriminated by all political aspects whether it is due to Congress or the BJP .Due to all this the state is suffering a lot mainly the innocent peoples. Second aspect is Socially,from East To WEST & North To South when we revolve are eyes all the Rajdhani’s Train so called “India’s Pride” have the New LHB coaches but the Ranchi Rajdhani has the 20 years old decade coaches which are on the verge of extinction.Due to the old coaches the alarm is about the Security , Safety of the passengers , The Linke Holfmann Bush or LHB coaches, which are based on a new German technology, are anti-telescopic and do not  turn over in the event of any derailment or collision.But bunches of people get victim of ranchi rajdhani.The old coach is in an pathetic condition with poor interiors,interiors hanging,power station not operational.People of Jharkhand are also people if they are spending 1600(Appx.) in ranchi rajdhani they want facility.Rajdhani, owing to its schedule and comfortable journey, remains the most preferred train on this sector. I have raised voice for the new LHB coaches and have written letters to the Union Railway Minister & the Chairman Railway Board .Lets see does the state get any benefit or just will be hanging on the tenter hooks. Third aspect is Economically , Jharkhand has a concentration of some of the country’s highly industrialised cities such as JamshedpurRanchiBokaro Steel CityDhanbad and Ramgarh. It also has several firsts in India, including:

To conserve the above precious units / belts Jharkhand should not face any of the discriminations.

Why to blame the Central  Government when the state in itself is responsible for the same.Due to unstability of the government the central government does not allow packages , new schemes & policies. This has all led to decline in Infrastructure both socially & economically.If this all continues for a longer period & the political parties or the government does not support the precious state Jharkhand it will be soon on verge of extinction. Is it a Vision of the Central government to make  Jharkhand superpower or just mere a dream of our government & the political parties. (Johar Jharkhand!!)



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